On 22 June 2017 at 16:05, Kang Yuzhe <tiggree...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear PG hackers,
> First my apology if I appear to be a jerk or not following the policy.
> I emailed Boxuan Zhai who was  in charge of the SQL Merge keyword in
> 2010 of GSoC but without reply.
> I want to apply merge_v201.patch to specific PG version.
> It failed saying 1 or 2 of 5 hunk failed.
> My question is:
>  1. Given x old patch of PG, is it possible to know  to which PG
> version can be applied?

If it's produced by git-format-patch you can look at the git ref
information in the patch. Otherwise you have to rely on what's in the
email thread.

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