Thomas Munro wrote:

> Hmm.  So the problem here is that AutoVacLauncherMain assumes that
> there are only two possibilities: (1) there is no handle published in
> shmem yet, so we should create a DSA area and publish the handle, and
> (2) there is a handle published in shmem so we should attach to it.
> But there is a another possiblity: (3) there is a handle published in
> shmem, but we are already attached to it (because we've restarted our
> main loop after SIGINT).
> The suggestion so far was to check if we're already attached to that
> segment (making use of the implementation detail that a DSA handle is
> also a DSM segment handle), but don't we know if we're already
> attached by checking our AutoVacuumDSA variable?

This seems like a good fix to me.  Pushed this way, with an additional

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