> Hm. I am wondering about licensing issues here to keep those files in
> the tree. I am no lawyer.

Of course. Regarding euc-jis-2004-std.txt and sjis-0213-2004-std.txt,
it seems safe to keep them.

> ## Date: 13 May 2006
> ## License:
> ##    Copyright (C) 2001 earth...@tama.or.jp, All Rights Reserved.
> ##    Copyright (C) 2001 I'O, All Rights Reserved.
> ##    Copyright (C) 2006 Project X0213, All Rights Reserved.
> ##    You can use, modify, distribute this table freely.

>> - It allows to track the changes in the original file if we decide to
>>   change the map files.
> You have done that in the past for a couple of codepoints, didn't you?

I believe the reason why I didn't keep other txt files were they were
prohibited to have copies according to their license.

>> - The site http://x0213.org/ may disappear in the future. If that
>>   happens, we will lose track data how we create the map files.
> There are other problems then as there are 3 sites in use to fetch the data:
> - GB2312.TXT comes from greenstone.org.
> - Some from icu-project.org.
> - The rest is from unicode.org.

Maybe, but I don't know how to deal with them.

Best regards,
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
English: http://www.sraoss.co.jp/index_en.php

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