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> > As for me, I would do expr_scanner_chomp_substring(PsqlScanState, int,
> > int&); that changes end_offset as desired...
> Why not.
> > And use it instead of end_offset = expr_scanner_offset(sstate) - 1;
> I removed these?
> > The second issue: you are removing all trailing \n and \r. I think you
> > should remove only one \n at the end of the string, and one \r before \n
> > if there was one.
> So chomp one eol.
> Is the attached version better to your test?

I've expected from expr_scanner_chomp_substring to decrement end_offset, so it 
would work more like perl chomp function, but the way you've done is also 

The sad think is that in v7 and v8 TAP tests fails. (in v6 it still works, I 
have local branches for all your patches versions). I did not check it bdefore 
in v7, just read the code. It was my mistake 

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