On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 04:00:55PM +0200, Joel Jacobson wrote:
> Hi hackers,
> A colleague of mine wondered if there is a way to always run
> everything you type into psql in a db txn and automatically rollback
> it as soon as it finish.
> I couldn't think of any way to do so, but thought it would be a nice
> feature and probably quite easy to add to psql, so I thought I should
> suggest it here.
> The typical use-case is you are doing something in production that you
> just want to
> a) test if some query works like expected and then rollback
> or,
> b) read-only queries that should not commit any changes anyway, so
> here the rollback would just be an extra layer of security, since your
> SELECT might call volatile functions that are actually not read-only
> Thoughts?

Multi-statement transactions:

    Would flavor of BEGIN TRANSACTION undo the feature?
    If not, would it auto-munge COMMIT into a ROLLBACK?

Side effects:

    Let's imagine you have a function called
    ddos_the_entire_internet(message TEXT), or something less drastic
    which nevertheless has side effects the DB can't control.

    How should this mode handle it?  Should it try to detect calls to
    volatile functions, or should it just silently fail to do what
    it's promised to do?

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