On 22 June 2017 at 01:57, Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 1:38 PM, Amit Khandekar <amitdkhan...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>>>> Yep, it's more appropriate to use
>>>> ModifyTableState->rootResultRelationInfo->ri_RelationDesc somehow.  That
>>>> is, if answer to the question I raised above is positive.
>> From what I had checked earlier when coding that part,
>> rootResultRelInfo is NULL in case of inserts, unless something has
>> changed in later commits. That's the reason I decided to use the first
>> resultRelInfo.
> We're just going around in circles here.  Saying that you decided to
> use the first child's resultRelInfo because you didn't have a
> resultRelInfo for the parent is an explanation of why you wrote the
> code the way you did, but that doesn't make it correct.  I want to
> know why you think it's correct.

Yeah, that was just an FYI on how I decided to use the first
resultRelInfo; it was not for explaining why using first resultRelInfo
is correct. So upthread, I have tried to explain.

> I think it's probably wrong, because it seems to me that if the INSERT
> code needs to use the parent's ResultRelInfo rather than the first
> child's ResultRelInfo, the UPDATE code probably needs to do the same.
> Commit d3cc37f1d801a6b5cad9bf179274a8d767f1ee50 got rid of
> resultRelInfos for non-leaf partitions, and commit
> e180c8aa8caf5c55a273d4a8e6092e77ff3cff10 added the resultRelInfo back
> for the topmost parent, because otherwise it didn't work correctly.

Regarding rootResultRelInfo , it would have been good if
rootResultRelInfo was set for both insert and update, but it isn't set
for inserts.....

For inserts :
In ExecInitModifyTable(), ModifyTableState->rootResultRelInfo  remains
NULL because ModifyTable->rootResultRelIndex is = -1 :
/* If modifying a partitioned table, initialize the root table info */
if (node->rootResultRelIndex >= 0)
   mtstate->rootResultRelInfo = estate->es_root_result_relations +

ModifyTable->rootResultRelIndex = -1 because it does not get set since
ModifyTable->partitioned_rels is NULL :

* If the main target relation is a partitioned table, the
* following list contains the RT indexes of partitioned child
* relations including the root, which are not included in the
* above list.  We also keep RT indexes of the roots
* separately to be identitied as such during the executor
* initialization.
if (splan->partitioned_rels != NIL)
root->glob->nonleafResultRelations =
/* Remember where this root will be in the global list. */
splan->rootResultRelIndex = list_length(root->glob->rootResultRelations);
root->glob->rootResultRelations =

ModifyTable->partitioned_rels is NULL because inheritance_planner()
does not get called for INSERTs; instead, grouping_planner() gets
called :

* Do the main planning.  If we have an inherited target relation, that
* needs special processing, else go straight to grouping_planner.
if (parse->resultRelation && rt_fetch(parse->resultRelation,
   grouping_planner(root, false, tuple_fraction);


Above, inh is false in case of inserts.

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