> We have a server side GUI utility that among other things let us configure 
> variables.  We badly need to know what variables exist in the specific 
> version, which are the min and max values and if possible a description.  
> option is to hardwire these things into the code which is very awkward (and 
> want it to work with different backend versions, backends compiled 
> etc.).

As the new "GUC List" guru,  I will send you a  list in PDF or SXW format 
which covers 7.3 and 7.4 this weekend.    If you database it, I would love to 
have the table back in return. 

Please note that the actual maximum value for many variables is much larger 
than the practical maximum value.  For example, RANDOM_PAGE_COST is only 
limited to INT MAX on the host OS, even though all practical values are 
between 1 and 10.

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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