On 06/29/2017 06:30 PM, Adrien Nayrat wrote:

> As reported by Ronan there's no other option than using pg_dumpall to restore
> database options and ACLs.
> So, we use this trick to stop pg_dumpall before \connect and then use 
> pg_restore:
> pg_dumpall -s | sed -rn '/^\\connect/{q}; p' > database+grants.sql
> Of course, it is not graceful as we just need results of pg_dumpall -g and 
> what
> the dumpCreateDB() function outputs.
> What do you think about adding an option like --createdb-only (as suggested by
> Ronan) for this?  I'm not fully satisfied with this name though, I'll be happy
> if you have a better suggestion.


We have a discussion about this some time ago and we created a wiki page
where we tried to write down some ideas/proposals and links to threads
discussing the subject:


 Rafael Martinez Guerrero
 Center for Information Technology
 University of Oslo, Norway

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