On 4 July 2017 at 14:48, Amit Khandekar <amitdkhan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4 July 2017 at 14:38, Amit Langote <langote_amit...@lab.ntt.co.jp> wrote:
>> On 2017/07/04 17:25, Etsuro Fujita wrote:
>>> On 2017/07/03 18:54, Amit Langote wrote:
>>>> On 2017/07/02 20:10, Robert Haas wrote:
>>>>> That
>>>>> seems pretty easy to do - just have expand_inherited_rtentry() notice
>>>>> that it's got a partitioned table and call
>>>>> RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo() instead of find_all_inheritors() to
>>>>> produce the list of OIDs.
>>> Seems like a good idea.
>>>> Interesting idea.
>>>> If we are going to do this, I think we may need to modify
>>>> RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo() a bit or invent an alternative that
>>>> does not do as much work.  Currently, it assumes that it's only ever
>>>> called by ExecSetupPartitionTupleRouting() and hence also generates
>>>> PartitionDispatchInfo objects for partitioned child tables.  We don't need
>>>> that if called from within the planner.
>>>> Actually, it seems that RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo() is too coupled
>>>> with its usage within the executor, because there is this comment:
>>>>          /*
>>>>           * We keep the partitioned ones open until we're done using the
>>>>           * information being collected here (for example, see
>>>>           * ExecEndModifyTable).
>>>>           */
>>> Yeah, we need some refactoring work.  Is anyone working on that?
>> I would like to take a shot at that if someone else hasn't already cooked
>> up a patch.  Working on making RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo() a
>> routine callable from both within the planner and the executor should be a
>> worthwhile effort.
> What I am currently working on is to see if we can call
> find_all_inheritors() or find_inheritance_children() instead of
> generating the leaf_part_oids using APPEND_REL_PARTITION_OIDS().
> Possibly we don't have to refactor it completely.
> find_inheritance_children() needs to return the oids in canonical
> order. So in find_inheritance_children () need to re-use part of
> RelationBuildPartitionDesc() where it generates those oids in that
> order. I am checking this part, and am going to come up with an
> approach based on findings.

The other approach is to make canonical ordering only in
find_all_inheritors() by replacing call to find_inheritance_children()
with the refactored/modified RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo(). But
that would mean that the callers of find_inheritance_children() would
have one ordering, while the callers of find_all_inheritors() would
have a different ordering; that brings up chances of deadlocks. That's
why I think, we need to think about modifying the common function
find_inheritance_children(), so that we would be consistent with the
ordering. And then use find_inheritance_children() or
find_all_inheritors() in RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo(). So yes,
there would be some modifications to

> Also, need to investigate whether *always* sorting the oids in
> canonical order is going to be much expensive than the current sorting
> using oids. But I guess it won't be that expensive.
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