On 07/06/2017 12:04 PM, Beena Emerson wrote:
The 04-initdb-walsegsize_v2.patch has the following improvements:
- Rebased over new 03 patch
- Pass the wal-segsize intidb option as command-line option rathern
than in an environment variable.
- Since new function check_wal_size had only had two checks and was
sed once, moved the code to ReadControlFile where it is used and
removed this function.
- improve comments and add validations where required.
- Use DEFAULT_XLOG_SEG_SIZE to set the min_wal_size and
max_wal_size,instead of the value 16.
- Use XLogSegMaxSize and XLogSegMinSize to calculate the range of guc
wal_segment_size instead 16 - INT_MAX.
Thanks Beena. I tested with below following scenarios and all are working as expected .)Different WAL segment size i.e 1,2,8,16,32,64,512,1024 at the time of initdb
.)SR setup in place.
.)Combinations of max/min_wal_size in postgresql.conf with different wal_segment_size. .)shutdown the server forcefully (kill -9) / promote slave / to make sure -recovery happened successfully.
.)with different utilities like pg_resetwal/pg_upgrade/pg_waldump
.)running pg_bench for substantial workloads (~ 1 hour)
.)WAL segment size is not default (changed at the time of ./configure) + different wal_segment_size (at the time of initdb) .

Things looks fine.

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