PostgreSQL shows very bad results in YCSB Workload A (50% SELECT and 50% UPDATE 
of random row by PK) on benchmarking with big number of clients using Zipfian 
distribution. MySQL also has decline but it is not significant as it is in 
PostgreSQL. MongoDB does not have decline at all. And if pgbench would have 
Zipfian distribution random number generator, everyone will be able to make 
research on this topic without using YCSB. 
This is the reason why I am currently working on random_zipfian function.

The bottleneck of algorithm that I use is that it calculates zeta function (it 
has linear complexity - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riemann_zeta_function). 
It my cause problems on generating huge amount of big numbers. 

That’s why I added caching for zeta value. And it works good for cases when 
random_zipfian called with same parameters in script. For example:

\set a random_zipfian(1, 100, 1.2)
\set b random_zipfian(1, 100, 1.2)

In other case, second call will override cache of first and caching does not 
make any sense:
\set a random_zipfian(1, 100, 1.2)
\set b random_zipfian(1, 200, 1.4)

That’s why I have a question: should I implement support of caching zeta values 
for calls with different parameters, or not? 

P.S. I attaching patch and script - analogue of YCSB Workload A.
Run benchmark with command:
$ pgbench -f  ycsb_read_zipf.sql -f  ycsb_update_zipf.sql

On scale = 10(1 million rows) it gives following results on machine with 144 
cores(with synchronous_commit=off):
        nclients        tps
        1               8842.401870
        2               18358.140869
        4               45999.378785
        8               88713.743199
        16              170166.998212
        32              290069.221493
        64              178128.030553
        128             88712.825602
        256             38364.937573
        512             13512.765878
        1000    6188.136736

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