> On Jul 7, 2017, at 2:53 AM, Emrul <em...@emrul.com> wrote:
> Tom, thank you for that pointer.  I get now that it is not free and therefore
> why its not something that should be changed by default.
> I guess the problem is 'build your own copy' (i.e. compiling from source) is
> something that sends most DB teams running into the hills.

To make matters worse, if you change NAMEDATALEN, compile, and run
'make check', some of the tests will fail.  The tests are very sensitive to the
exact output of the sql they execute, and changing NAMEDATALEN, or
indeed any one of many other options, causes some of the test output to
change. Even configure's options, such as --with-blocksize, cannot be
changed from the default value without potentially breaking the regression


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