On 2017-07-12 23:55:56 +0100, Greg Stark wrote:
> Fwiw I think the real problem is that building static libraries
> "properly" requires different compiler options -- notably they're not
> normally built with -fPIC. So that means building every object twice
> which kind of breaks make's build model which has a simple dependency
> graph where each object appears once. Some packages do this by
> inventing a foo-shared.o and foo-static.o but that introduces its own
> weirdness.
> I don't know what the downsides would be of creating a static library
> out of objects built with -fPIC. It might just be a small performance
> penalty which might be no big deal for libpq. That may be a good
> compromise.

FWIW, most linux distributions build everything with -fPIC/PIE anyway
these days, to allow address space randomization. So I don't think this
is a huge concern for modern platforms.

- Andres

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