* Mark Cave-Ayland ( wrote:
> On 16/07/17 23:26, Thomas Munro wrote:
> > Thank you very much for this feedback and example, which I used in the
> > documentation in the patch.  I see similar examples in the
> > documentation for other things on the web.
> > 
> > I'll leave it up to Magnus and Stephen to duke it out over whether we
> > want to encourage LDAP usage, extend documentation to warn about
> > cleartext passwords with certain LDAP implementations or
> > configurations, etc etc.  I'll add this patch to the commitfest and
> > get some popcorn.
> If it helps, we normally recommend that clients use ldaps for both AD
> and UNIX environments, although this can be trickier from an
> administrative perspective in AD environments because it can require
> changes to the Windows firewall and certificate installation.

LDAPS is better than straight LDAP, of course, but it still doesn't
address the issue that the password is sent to the server, which both
SCRAM and Kerberos do and is why AD environments use Kerberos for
authentication, and why everything in an AD environment also should use

Using Kerberos should also avoid the need to hack the Windows firewall
or deal with certificate installation.  In an AD environment, it's
actually pretty straight-forward to add a PG server too.  Further, in my
experience at least, there's been other changes recommended by Microsoft
that prevent using LDAP for auth because it's insecure.



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