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> This could be fixed if it were possible to translate to
>         select * from pg_sequences where seqoid = 'my_seq'::regclass;
> but the view isn't exposing the sequence OID.  Should it?

It probably should. It's not part of information_schema, it's in
pg_catalog, and it's entirely reasonable to join on oids.

The relfilenode for the sequence can change, but the sequence oid won't
unless we actually drop and re-create it, so the weird issues with alter
sequence operations being partly transactional and partly not shouldn't be
a concern.

If it's to be a convenience view, it should possibly also expose the OWNED
BY relation oid IMO, if any. You have the sequence oid you can join on
pg_class and grab the relowner, so it's not a great hassle if it's missing,
but if it's a view to help users out exposing that would seem sensible.

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