> > Can a user do anything remotely interesting or useful without hitting
> either
> > ExecutorStart_hook or ProcessUtility_hook? They can parse queries I guess
> > but you could just set your hook up in the parser instead. If you hook
> the
> > parser all they can do is open an idle session and sit there...
> That's an exceedingly-weak argument for rejecting this patch.  The
> fact that you can probably hack around the lack of a hook for most
> reasonable use cases is not an argument for having a hook that does
> what people actually want to do.
When I first saw this thread, my initial thought of a use case is to
prepare some key application queries so they are there and ready to go.
That would need to be before the ExecutorStart_hook or ProcessUtility_hook
if an app would just want to execute the prepared statement.

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