It turns out I was wrong about the problem jacana has been having with
the pg_ctl tests hanging. The problem was not the use of select as a
timeout mechanism, although I think the change to using
Time::Hires::usleep() is correct and shouldn't be reverted.

The problem is command_like's use of redirection to strings. Why this
should be a problem for this particular use is a matter of speculation.
I suspect it's to do with the fact that in this instance pg_ctl is
leaving behind some child processes (i.e. postmaster and children) after
it exits, and so on this particular path IPC::Run isn't detecting the
exit properly. The workaround I have found to work is to redirect
command_like's output instead to a couple of files and then slurp in
those files and delete them. A bit hacky, I know, so I'm open to other



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