On Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 8:32 AM, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> Meanwhile, it's still pretty unclear what happened yesterday on
> culicidae.

That failure is indeed baffling.  The only code that inserts
(HASH_ENTER[_NULL]) into PredicateLockTargetHash:

1.  CreatePredicateLock().  I would be a bug if that ever tried to
insert a { 0, 0, 0, 0 } tag, and in any case it holds
SerializablePredicateLockListLock in LW_SHARED.

2.  TransferPredicateLocksToNewTarget(), which removes and restores
the scratch entry and also explicitly inserts a transferred entry.  It
asserts that it holds SerializablePredicateLockListLock and is called
only by PredicateLockPageSplit() which acquires it in LW_EXCLUSIVE.

3.  DropAllPredicateLocksFromTable(), which removes and restores the
scratch entry and also explicitly inserts a transferred entry.
Acquires SerializablePredicateLockListLock in LW_EXCLUSIVE.

I wondered if DropAllPredicateLocksFromTable() had itself inserted a
tag that accidentally looks like the scratch tag in between removing
and restoring, perhaps because the relation passed in had a bogus 0 DB
OID etc, but it constructs a tag with
SET_PREDICATELOCKTARGETTAG_RELATION(heaptargettag, dbId, heapId) which
sets locktag_field3 to InvalidBlockNumber == -1, not 0 so that can't
explain it.

I wondered if a concurrent PredicateLockPageSplit() called
TransferPredicateLocksToNewTarget() using a newtargettag built from a
Relation that somehow had a bogus relation with DB OID 0, rel OID 0
and newblkno 0, but that doesn't help because
SerializablePredicateLockListLock is acquired at LW_EXCLUSIVE so it
can't run concurrently.

It looks a bit like something at a lower level needs to be broken (GCC
6.3 released 6 months ago, maybe interacts badly with some clever
memory model-dependent code of ours?) or something needs to be
trashing memory.

Here's the set of tests that ran concurrently with select_into, whose
backtrace we see ("DROP SCHEMA selinto_schema CASCADE;"):

parallel group (20 tests):  select_distinct_on delete select_having
random btree_index select_distinct namespace update case hash_index
select_implicit subselect select_into arrays prepared_xacts
transactions portals aggregates join union

Of those I see that prepared_xacts, portals and transactions
explicitly use SERIALIZABLE (which may or may not be important).  I
wonder if the thing to do here is to run selinto (or maybe just its
setup and tear-down, "DROP SCHEMA ...") concurrently with those others
in tight loops and burn some CPU.

Thomas Munro

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