>> On 2017/07/10 14:15, Etsuro Fujita wrote:
>> Another thing I noticed is the error handling in ExecWithCheckOptions; it
>> doesn't take any care for partition tables, so the column description in
>> the error message for WCO_VIEW_CHECK is built using the partition table's
>> rowtype, not the root table's.  But I think it'd be better to build that
>> using the root table's rowtype, like ExecConstraints, because that would
>> make the column description easier to understand since the parent view(s)
>> (from which WithCheckOptions evaluated there are created) would have been
>> defined on the root table.  This seems independent from the above issue,
>> so I created a separate patch, which I'm attaching. What do you think
>> about that?

+ if (map != NULL)
+ {
+ tuple = do_convert_tuple(tuple, map);
+ ExecStoreTuple(tuple, slot, InvalidBuffer, false);
+ }

Above, the tuple descriptor also needs to be set, since the parent and
child partitions can have different column ordering.

Due to this, the following testcase crashes :

CREATE TABLE range_parted (a text,b int, c int) partition by range (b);
CREATE VIEW upview AS SELECT * FROM range_parted WHERE (select c >
create table part_a_1_a_10(b int, c int, a text);
alter table range_parted attach partition part_a_1_a_10 for values
from (1) to (10);
insert into upview values ('a', 2, 100);

Attached is a patch that sets the tuple descriptor.
Also in the patch, in test updatable_view.sql, I have added a varchar
column in one of the partitioned tables used in updatable_views.sql,
so as to cover this scenario. Without setting the tuple descriptor,
the output of the patched updatable_views.sql  shows junk value in one
of the columns of the row in the error message emitted for the
WithCheckOption violation.

-Amit Khandekar
EnterpriseDB Corporation
The Postgres Database Company

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