Chapman Flack wrote:

> Any takers if I propose this amendment in the form of a patch?
> Relying on the perl idiom instead of a $node->isa() test shortens
> the patch; does that ameliorate at all the concern about complicating
> core for the benefit of modules?

Yeah, I like this (I also got word from Abhijit Menon-Sen that this is a
saner way to do it, which counts as +1000 at least.)  This is how we
should have built the method in the first place, rather than creating an
exported function.  Not sure how we missed that.  

I changed the POD docs so that the class method version is the preferred
form, and the exported function usage "is just backwards compatibility".
All current usage uses that form, but hey, we can updated these later
(if at all).

Pushed to 9.6 and HEAD.

Álvaro Herrera      
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