Bruce Momjian wrote:

OK, added to TODO:

        Modify pg_get_triggerdef() to take a boolean to pretty-print,
        and use that as part of pg_dump along with psql

Andreas, can you work on this? I like the idea of removing extra
parens, and merging it into the existing code rather than into contrib
makes sense.

Just an announcement: I'll be sending a patch for ruleutils.c and pg_proc.h tomorrow, after I performed some further testing.

pg_get_ruledef, pg_get_viewdef, pg_get_viewdef_name, pg_get_indexdef, pg_get_constraintdef and pg_get_expr get an additional parameter int4 each which controls pretty-print (0: none, 1: parentheses, 1: indentation, 3: both).
I had to make several conditionals for the old parenthesing code, but I believe the functions still generate as usual if pretty-print is disabled.

At the moment, I assigned oids 2504-2509 (last used was 2503 when I updated from cvs) to the additional functions, is that ok?


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