25.07.2017, 11:17, "Victor Drobny" <v.dro...@postgrespro.ru>:
> Hello,
> Do you expect to have some flag like '--rename=test->test2'?

Yes, I do. 

> Will dump with test replaced by test2(of course only in related places)
> be valid dump in this case?

Yes, it will.

> What is the possible scenario for the renaming option? Is it doing to be
> dumping of the one schema only?
> Or it could be dump of database? In this case pg_dump should also
> support multiple rules for renaming.

pg_dump scans dumped objects and rename them by rules, that could be set by 
pg_dump argument line options.
As I now, pg_dump and pg_restore use the same functions, so, renaming mechanism 
can be integrated in pg_restore too.
pg_restore will scan dumped objects and rename them by rules.

In future, rules could be applied on all database objects.

> Thank you for attention!
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Best regards, Dmitry Voronin

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