On 07/26/2017 09:33 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan <andrew.duns...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
>> The latter fact makes me
>> theorize that the problem arises from the fairly ancient perl that Msys
>> provides, and which we need to use to run prove so the TAP tests
>> understand the environment's virtualized file paths.
> It might be interesting to look into its copy of IPC::Run and see if
> the wait technology is different from later versions.

It's using 0.94 just like my Linux box.

>> The attached patch should get around the problem without upsetting the
>> good work you've been doing in reducing TAP test times generally.
> I still find this pretty ugly :-(.

I'm open to alternative suggestions. But I don't want to spend a heck of
a lot of time on this.



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