Hi -hackers.
I'm reading https://www.postgresql.org/docs/10/static/pgupgrade.html to try to 
understand how to upgrade standby-servers using pg_upgrade with pg10.
The text in step 10 sais:
"You will not be running pg_upgrade on the standby servers, but rather rsync", 
which to me sounds like rsync, in step 10-f, should be issued on the standy 
servers. Is this the case? If so I don't understand how the standby's data is 
upgraded and what "remote_dir" is. If rsync is supposed to be issued on the 
primary then I think it should be explicitly mentioned, and step 10-f should 
provide a clarer example with more detailed values for the directory-structures 
I really think section 10 needs improvement as I'm certainly not comfortable 
upgrading standbys following the existing procedure.
Andreas Joseph Krogh

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