Vladimir Kunschikov wrote:
> >This "maxlen" business and the fallback error message are
> >strange.  We have roughly equivalent code in pg_basebackup.c
> >which has been working since 2011
> >Perhaps you can drop the memchr/fallback tricks and adopt the
> >pg_basebackup coding?  Or is there a specific reason to have
> >the memchr check?
> Ofcourse that tricks can be dropped, function will be much prettier.
> 'Tricks' were made to pass some strict internal tests.

Well, if there are cases which cause zlib to return a message that
causes a crash when printing it or some other problem, then let's use
your version both in this new code and in pg_basebackup.  Do these cases
really exist?

> Initially I used exactly that function from pg_basebackup.c:
> https://github.com/kunschikov/postgres/commit/15e9fda6df51cf17c0b0a4f201ee0f93cf258de9#diff-98e3f8ce5d6e87950dd66e4c8bdedb21R713
> It was rewritten for the sake of somewhat exaggerated security.
> Version #5 in attachment.

I'd rather have all the security we can get, so before dropping those
protections, let's make sure they are useless.

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