On 07/28/2017 08:22 AM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> On 07/27/2017 11:58 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> I kinda suspect we're not actively testing non-MULTIPLICITY builds
>> either.  The 5.8.7 test I just ran was with a non-MULTIPLICITY build,
>> so the case doesn't seem actively broken, but I doubt there is any
>> buildfarm coverage.  I wonder if it'd be worth getting the buildfarm
>> to log the output of "perl -V" so we could get a clearer picture
>> of what's being tested.
> It's quite possible, but in general it will need a new buildfarm client 
> release. If you choose a few possibly critical animals we can ask the owners 
> to apply a fairly simple patch.

Looks like this, bit it's rather tedious. I think I might back it out. I
guess I could also write it to a log file, if we really think we need it.




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