On 2017-07-29 14:20:32 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> Here's a reviewed version of this patch.


> * I think you put ExecScan's CFI in the wrong place; AFAICT yours
> only covers its fast path.

Sure - but the old path already has a CFI? And it has to be inside the
loop, because well, the loop ;).

> * I think ExecAgg needs a CFI at the head, just to be sure it's hit
> in any path through that.

Yep, makes esense.

> * I agree that putting CFI inside ExecHashJoin's state machine loop
> is a good idea, because it might have to trawl through quite a lot of
> a batch file before finding a returnable tuple.  But I think in merge
> and nestloop joins it's sufficient to put one CFI at the head.  Neither
> of those cases can do very much processing without invoking a child
> node, where a CFI will happen.

Ok, I can live with that.

> * You missed ExecLockRows altogether.

Well, it directly calls the next ExecProcNode(), so I didn't think it
was necessary. One of the aforementioned judgement calls. But I'm
perfectly happy to have one there.



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