On Wednesday 25 June 2003 21:21, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:
> My solution did not involve tablespaces, but was more of a quick solution
> to make it easier for admins to do _some_ sort of physical configuration.
> The idea is that the developer could do something like
> 'create alternate location ALTERNATE_LOCATION_NAME for
> We would have a system table holding theses values. Then, all database
> commands which create a file for an object, call open_object(oid,
> object_name) or something to create the file object.  This will first look
> in the new system table to see if there is a mapping for an object of this
> name.  If so, it will create a symlink to "/PATH/TO/PHYSICAL/FILE" for the
> oid before opening the file.

What you are describing is a subset of tablespace functionality we are 
discussing offline. There are few minor differences though.

1. There is no physical file but location would be a directory.
2. The location could also be assigned at the time of object creation.

Otherwise it is exactly what is under consideration..:-)


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