Hi Ashutosh,

0003 patch

> +        parentRel = heap_open(parentOid, AccessExclusiveLock);
> In [2], Amit Langote has given a reason as to why heap_drop_with_catalog()
> should not heap_open() the parent relation. But this patch still calls
> heap_open() without giving any counter argument. Also I don't see
> get_default_partition_oid() using Relation anywhere. If you remove that
> heap_open() please remove following heap_close().

I think the patch 0004 exactly does what you have said here, i.e. it gets
rid of the heap_open() and heap_close().
The question might be why I kept the patch 0004 a separate one, and the
answer is I wanted to make it easier for review, and also keeping it that
way would make it bit easy to work on a different approach if needed.

About this: *"Also I don't see get_default_partition_oid() using Relation
The get_default_partition_oid() uses parent relation to
retrieve PartitionDesc
from parent.

Kindly let me know if you think I am still missing anything.

Jeevan Ladhe

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