Shay Rojansky <> writes:
> When trying to connect with Npgsql to PostgreSQL with client authentication
> (PG has ssl_ca_file set), the first connection works just fine. The second
> connection, however, fails and the PostgreSQL logs contain the message
> session id context uninitialized". This occurs when using .NET's default
> SSL implementation, SslStream, which supports session resumption - the
> session connection's ClientHello message contains a session ticket from the
> first session, triggering the issue.

AFAIK Postgres doesn't support session resumption.  If I am correctly
understanding what that is supposed to provide, it would require saving
all of a backend's internal state on the off chance that somebody would
request resuming the session later.  I do not think we are going there.
The idea makes sense for servers with relatively lightweight per-session
state, but that ain't us.

I think what you need to do is tell SslStream not to expect that PG
servers will do session resumption.  (I'm a bit astonished that that
would be its default assumption in the first place, but whatever.)

                        regards, tom lane

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