On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 8:34 PM, Steve Singer <st...@ssinger.info> wrote:
> We don't seem to describe logical replication on
> https://www.postgresql.org/docs/10/static/different-replication-solutions.html
> The attached patch adds a section.

This is a good catch.  Two quick observations:

1) Super pedantic point. I don't like the 'repl.' abbreviation in the
'most common implementation' both for the existing hs/sr and for the
newly added logical.

2) This lingo:
+     Logical replication allows the data changes from individual tables
+     to be replicated. Logical replication doesn't require a particular server
+     to be designated as a master or a slave but allows data to flow
in multiple
+     directions. For more information on logical replication, see
<xref linkend="logical-replication">.

Is good, but I would revise it just a bit to emphasize the
subscription nature of logical replication to link the concepts
expressed strongly in the main section.  For example:

Logical replication allows the data changes [remove: "from individual
tables to be replicated"] to be published to subscriber nodes.  Data
can flow in any direction between nodes on a per-table basis; there is
no concept of a master server.  Conflict resolution must be handled
completely by the application.  For more information on...

what do you think?


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