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> > I'm curious what the other limitations are...
> When I first wrote that documentation line (I am assuming you're asking
> about "although these have some limitations that normal tables do not"), I
> was thinking about the fact that the core system does not enforce
> (locally) any constraints defined on foreign tables.  Since we allow
> inserting data into partitions directly, it is imperative that we enforce
> the "partition constraint" along with the traditional constraints such as
> NOT NULL and CHECK constraints, which we can do for local table partitions
> but not for foreign table ones.
> Anyway, attached patch documents all these limitations about foreign table
> partitions more prominently.

‚ÄčThe revised patch down-thread looks good.  Thanks.

I indeed was referring to the paragraph you quoted.

‚ÄčI would probably just   s/For example/In particular/   and call it good -
or maybe also tell the user that all the limitations are listed in the
notes section for create foreign table (though my first thoughts are all
quite wordy).

David J.

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