On 8/1/17 10:53, Tom Lane wrote:
> Murtuza Zabuawala <murtuza.zabuaw...@enterprisedb.com> writes:
>> I am trying to create collation on windows using default POSIX collation
>> with pgAdmin3 but I am getting error as shown in screenshot, Can someone
>> suggest how to fix this?
>> *Syntax:*
>> CREATE COLLATION public.test from pg_catalog."POSIX";
>> *Error:*
>> ERROR: could not create locale "POSIX". No error
> Hmm.  Evidently Windows' _create_locale() doesn't accept "POSIX".
> You might find that "C" works instead, don't know for sure.
> I think this is actually a bug, because the collations code clearly
> means to allow clones of the C/POSIX locales --- see eg lc_collate_is_c,

You seem to say that we should support a "POSIX" locale even on systems
where the C library does not support that.  I'm not convinced about that.

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