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> Add new files to and add translation markers

This reminds me that I noticed a few days ago another really serious
broken piece in pg_upgrade where check_required_directory() is incurring
in the ugliest case of string building I've ever seen.  I didn't have
the courage to try to fix it back then, but I think we should dedicate
it some time.  It does this:

            pg_fatal("You must identify the directory where the %s.\n"
                     "Please use the %s command-line option or the %s 
environment variable.\n",
                     description, cmdLineOption, envVarName);

and the callsites are like this:

    check_required_directory(&new_cluster.bindir, NULL, "PGBINNEW", "-B",
                             _("new cluster binaries reside"));
    check_required_directory(&old_cluster.pgdata, &old_cluster.pgconfig,
                             "PGDATAOLD", "-d", _("old cluster data resides"));

note the declensions don't match even in the English original.

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