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On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 12:03, sumit wrote:
>       Thanks for letting know. Could you also let me know the exact 
> syntax, I mean, we are not sure whether GROUP BY CUBE(...) is followed by 
> a HAVING clause. Kindly inform us soon so that we can make the changes and 
> send you the updated patch and files.

Sources of the SQL Spec

The relevent syntax appears to be in section 7.9, and is a part of the
GROUP BY clause, so is potentially followed by a HAVING clause.

         7.9  <group by clause>


         Specify a grouped table derived by the application of the
<group by
         clause> to the result of the previously specified clause.


         <group by clause> ::=
              GROUP BY <grouping specification>

         <grouping specification> ::=
                <grouping column reference>
              | <rollup list>
              | <cube list>
              | <grouping sets list>
              | <grand total>
              | <concatenated grouping>

         <rollup list> ::=
              ROLLUP <left paren> <grouping column reference list>
<right paren>

         <cube list> ::=
              CUBE <left paren> <grouping column reference list> <right

         <grouping sets list> ::=
              GROUPING SETS <left paren> <grouping set list> <right

         <grouping set list> ::=
              <grouping set> [ { <comma> <grouping set> }... ]

         <concatenated grouping> ::=
              <grouping set> <comma> <grouping set list>

         <grouping set> ::=
                <ordinary grouping set>
              | <rollup list>
              | <cube list>
              | <grand total>

         <ordinary grouping set> ::=
                <grouping column reference>
              | <left paren> <grouping column reference list> <right

         <grand total> ::= <left paren> <right paren>

         <grouping column reference list> ::=
              <grouping column reference>
              [ { <comma> <grouping column reference> }... ]


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