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> On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 1:10 AM, Amit Kapila <amit.kapil...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Yes, I also think the same idea can be used, in fact, I have mentioned
>>>> it [1] as soon as you have committed that patch.  Do we want to do
>>>> anything at this stage for PG-10?  I don't think we should attempt
>>>> something this late unless people feel this is a show-stopper issue
>>>> for usage of hash indexes.  If required, I think a separate function
>>>> can be provided to allow users to perform squeeze operation.
>>> Sorry, I have no idea how critical this squeeze thing is for the
>>> newfangled hash indexes, so I cannot comment on that.  Does this make
>>> the indexes unusable in some way under some circumstances?
>> It seems so.  Basically, in the case of a large number of duplicates,
>> we hit the maximum number of overflow pages.  There is a theoretical
>> possibility of hitting it but it could also happen that we are not
>> free the existing unused overflow pages due to which it keeps on
>> growing and hit the limit.  I have requested up thread to verify if
>> that is happening in this case and I am still waiting for same.  The
>> squeeze operation does free such unused overflow pages after cleaning
>> them.  As this is a costly operation and needs a cleanup lock, so we
>> currently perform it only during Vacuum and next split from the bucket
>> which can have redundant overflow pages.
> Oops.  It was rather short-sighted of us not to increase
> HASH_MAX_BITMAPS when we bumped HASH_VERSION.  Actually removing that
> limit is hard, but we could have easily bumped it for 128 to say 1024
> without (I think) causing any problem, which would have given us quite
> a bit of headroom here.

Yes, that sounds sensible, but I think it will just delay the problem
to happen.  I think here the actual problem is that we are not able to
perform squeeze operation often enough that it frees the overflow
pages.  Currently, we try to perform the squeeze only at the start of
next split of the bucket or during vacuum.  The reason for doing it
that way was that squeeze operation needs cleanup lock and we already
have that during the start of split and vacuum. Now, to solve it I
have already speculated few ways above [1] and among those, it is
feasible to either do this at end of split which can have performance
implications in some work loads, but will work fine for the case
reported in this thread and another is to some way (like we do for
Brin index in commit 7526e10224f0792201e99631567bbe44492bbde4) trigger

I think we can fix it in one of above ways and increase the value of

What do you say?

>  I suppose we could still try to jam that
> change in before beta3 (bumping HASH_VERSION again) but that might be
> asking for trouble.

I am not sure if we have any other option if we decide to increase the
value of HASH_MAX_BITMAPS. BTW, do you think some users will rely on
hash index built on some of the beta version?

Note - AP has off list shared the data dump and we (Ashutosh Sharma
and me) are able to reproduce the problem and we could see that if we
force vacuum via the debugger, then it is able to free overflow pages.
The exact numbers are not available at this stage as the test is not

[1] - 
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Amit Kapila.
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