On 08/05/2017 08:36 AM, Joe Conway wrote:
> One of the datacenters that provides two pg.org VM hosts has become
> inaccessible. Services that may be affected are:
> git.postgresql.org
> search.postgresql.org
> Mailinglist archives backend
> PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada
> Download stats analytics database server
> ftpmaster.postgresql.org
> ns1.postgresql.org
> website backend server
> docbot.postgresql.org
> Some of these services have redundant servers, but some, notably
> git.postgresql.org do not.
> I have contacted the provider and will keep the list posted with any
> significant status updates.


We have not heard back from the provider yet, but access seem to have
been restored and relatively stable at the moment, although there is
still some packet loss.


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