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> > Thomas Munro <thomas.mu...@enterprisedb.com> writes:
> >> Since partitioned tables have no storage themselves, is there
> >> any technical reason we couldn't remove a partitioned table's dropped
> >> pg_attribute so that its TupleDesc matches partitions created later?
> >
> > You'd break views referring to the partitioned table, or at least to
> > any columns after the dropped one.
> I will put a huge sign up next to my desk: "What about the rules?"
> > There's been talk of separating column identity (think OID) from column
> > logical and physical positions.  If we did that, and had Vars using the
> > column identity number while tupdescs were sorted according to physical
> > position, then what you're thinking of could be made to work.  But a
> > couple of people have attacked that problem and been unable to finish
> > it :-(
> Hmm, yeah I see.  I have seen that[1] and I hope it comes back.  It
> seems like it might be a step on the path towards incremental
> materialized views (at least in one proposal) which is why I asked
> about it on this list recently[2].

Can we instead create the new partitions with the same dropped columns?

Ensure that every partition, parent and child, has the same column-set?

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