In the last week, I focus on:

1) Continuing on optimization of skip list. Here is the new logic:
At first, I use an unordered linked list to do all inserting/searching 
When the number of conflicts is more than the threshold, transform the linked 
list into an ordered skip list.
Then all inserting/searching operations are done by the skip list.
By this way, for transactions with only a few conflicts, overhead of inserting 
is O(1). 
the patch is attached.

It helped a little, but just a little. In the end, the skip list has the same 
performance of the linked list.

2) Studying the performance of less contention on FinishedListLock. 
I found it can get benefit when the number of conflicts is medium. It is easy 
to understand the optimization 
has no influence when conflicts are too rare. But when there are too many 
conflicts, partition lock
will be the new bottleneck and the performance can't be improved. A chart is 
attached. This optimization
can achieve 14% speedup at most. 

Do you think this optimization can be accepted?



Mengxing Liu

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