Andrew Dunstan <> writes:
> On 07/31/2017 01:02 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Record full paths of programs sought by "configure".

> The problem with this commit, as jacana is demonstrating, is that on
> Msys it finds the wrong prove. configure needs to run against the perl
> we build against, i.e. a native Windows perl, but prove needs to run
> with the perl from the MSys DTK that understands MSys virtualized
> paths. I have a hack that will allow the buildfarm to overcome the
> difficulty, (essentially it passes 'PROVE=prove' to make) but that's
> fairly ugly and certainly non-intuitive for someone running an MSys
> build and TAP tests without the buildfarm client.

I'm confused.  AFAIK, that commit did not change which "prove" would
be used --- at least not unless you change PATH between configure and
make.  It only changed how specifically that program would be named in  Please clarify how that broke anything.

                        regards, tom lane

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