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> A small suggestion is that it'd be better to write it like "Specified
> upper bound \"%s\" precedes lower bound \"%s\"."  I think "succeeds" has
> more alternate meanings than "precedes", so the wording you have seems
> more confusing than it needs to be.  (Of course, the situation could be
> the opposite in other languages, but translators have the ability to
> reverse the ordering if they need to.)
> Or you could just go with "follows" instead of "succeeds".

​"exceeds" seems to be the word the original sentence was looking for.  If
using a single word I kinda like reversing the direction and using
"precedes"​ though.  "follows" makes it sound like a puppy :)

"is greater than" is a bit more verbose but an option as well - one that
seems more natural in this space - and yes I've reverted back to
lower->upper with this wording.  I think the hard "x" in exceeds is what
turned me off to it.

David J.

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