On Monday 23 June 2003 21:54, Hans-Jürgen Schönig wrote:
> A few days ago I have posted a pre-beta version of dblink_ora which is
> supposed to solve some problems we had here at Cybertec (getting data
> from an Oracle DB and merge it with PostgreSQL). I have implemented a
> simple piece of code (more proof of concept than production).
> Since I have not got too much response (just one posting off list) I
> expect that there are not too many people who are in need of this
> feature. Am I right or is there somebody out there who wants to see it
> in contrib? If there is serious interest in this feature we'd make it
> work with PostgreSQL's build system and we'd add some documentation as
> well as some more code.
> If not we will keep using it for internal purposes.

I suggest you make the code available from a web site and let 
techdocs.postgresql.org point to it. That way it will be availble for most of 
the people even if it does not make into contrib immediately.


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