On 10 August 2017 at 15:26, Chris Travers <chris.trav...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The bitwise comparison is interesting.  Remember the error was:
> pg_xlogdump: FATAL:  error in WAL record at 1E39C/E1117FB8: unexpected
> pageaddr 1E375/61118000 in log segment 000000000001E39C000000E1, offset
> 1146880
> Since this didn't throw a checksum error (we have data checksums disabled but 
> wal records ISTR have a separate CRC check), would this perhaps indicate that 
> the checksum operated over incorrect data?

No checksum error and this "unexpected pageaddr" doesn't necessarily
mean data corruption. It could mean that when the database stopped logging
it was reusing a wal file and the old wal stream had a record boundary
on the same byte position. So the previous record checksum passed and
the following record checksum passes but the record header is for a
different wal stream position.

I think you could actually hack xlogdump to ignore this condition and
keep outputting and you'll see whether the records that follow appear
to be old wal log data.  I haven't actually tried this though.


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