On 2017-07-21 19:32:02 +0300, Marina Polyakova wrote:
> Here is the third version of the patch for pgbench thanks to Fabien Coelho
> comments. As in the previous one, transactions with serialization and
> deadlock failures are rolled back and retried until they end successfully or
> their number of tries reaches maximum.

Just had a need for this feature, and took this to a short test
drive. So some comments:
- it'd be useful to display a retry percentage of all transactions,
  similar to what's displayed for failed transactions.
- it appears that we now unconditionally do not disregard a connection
  after a serialization / deadlock failure. Good. But that's useful far
  beyond just deadlocks / serialization errors, and should probably be exposed.
- it'd be useful to also conveniently display the number of retried
  transactions, rather than the total number of retries.

Nice feature!

- Andres

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