Robert Haas wrote:

> Actually, now that you mention it, I think it *is* broken already, or
> more to the point, if you configure that value, the autovacuum
> launcher hangs up, because of the AutovacuumWorkItem stuff that Alvaro
> added.  When I just tested it, the AV launcher somehow ended up
> waiting for AutovacuumLock and I had to SIGQUIT the server to shut it
> down.  That's actually not really entirely the fault of
> dynamic_shared_memory_type = none, though, because the code in
> autovacuum.c does this:
>                 AutoVacuumDSA = dsa_create(AutovacuumLock->tranche);
>                 /* make sure it doesn't go away even if we do */
>                 dsa_pin(AutoVacuumDSA);
>                 dsa_pin_mapping(AutoVacuumDSA);
> Now, that's actually really broken because if dsa_create() throws an
> error of any kind, you're going to have already assigned the value to
> AutoVacuumDSA, but you will not have pinned the DSA or the DSA
> mapping.  There's evidently some additional bug here because I'd sorta
> expect this code to just go into an infinite loop in this case,
> failing over and over trying to reattach the segment, but evidently
> something even worse happening - perhaps the ERROR isn't releasing
> AutovacuumLock.

Looking into this now.

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