On 8/9/17 18:49, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
> There are actually very many customizations to collations that are
> possible beyond what the "stock" ICU collations provide (whatever
> "stock" means).

This is very nice indeed, and I was not aware that this was possible
with what we already have in place.

I'm having trouble finding some concrete documentation for this.  The TR
35 link you showed documents the key words and values, BCP 47 documents
the syntax, but nothing puts it all together in a form consumable by
users.  The ICU documentation still mainly focuses on the "old"
@keyword=value syntax.  I guess we'll have to write our own for now.

Given that we cannot reasonably preload all these new variants that you
demonstrated, I think it would make sense to drop all the keyword
variants from the preloaded set.

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