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Tom Lane wrote:

Stephan Szabo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

As a side question, it looks to me that the code stores the first trigger
records in memory and then after some point starts storing all new records
on disk.  Is this correct?  I'd wonder if that's really what you want in
general, since I'd think that the earliest ones are the ones you're least
likely to need until end of transaction (or set constraints in the fk
case) whereas the most recent ones are possibly going to be immediate
triggers which you're going to need as soon as the statement is done.

Good point.  It would be better to push out stuff from the head of the
queue, hoping that stuff near the end might never need to be written
at all.

regards, tom lane
Hmmm.... I see your point. I will change the patch to write the head to
disk and reenter when the development branch splits off.
Also I've noticed that there is an fd.h which has file routines which I
should be using rather than the stdio routines.
I will also clean up those errors.

While you are still at it, can you make the arbitrarily choosen trigger queue size a config parameter? It is much easier to do tuning without the need to recompile the backend.


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