There's another side to this and that I am not sure it is a backend crash.

Here is what I did to reproduce:

2 virtual disk images:  100mb for main data, 40 MB for WAL.  work_mem set
to 256MB. The idea is to test different out of space conditions.

Create table as ...; drop table; select
pg_size_pretty(pg_current_xlog_location() - '0/0');

I played around with parameters to determine how different kinds of out of
space errors were handled.

1.  running out of temp space was cleaned up without a server restart
2.  A relation running out of disk space *seemed* to get cleaned up.
3.  Running out of WAL space left *both* temp and non-temp files.

I wonder about a different solution.  Would it be possible to special case
vacuum to check for and remove (or just move to where they can be removed)
files when vacuuming pg_class?  At the point we are vacuuming pg_class, we
ought to be able to know that a relfilenode shouldn't be used anymore,

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