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I don't think so -- the "committed" and "invalid" meanings are
effectively canceled when the "frozen" mask is present.

I mean, "committed" and "invalid" contradict each other...

FWIW I agree with Craig - the functions should output the masks raw, without
any filtering. The reason is that when you're investigating data corruption
or unexpected behavior, all this is very useful when reasoning about what
might (not) have happened.

Or at least make the filtering optional.

I don't think "filtering" is the right way to think about it.  It's
just labeling each combination of bits with the meaning appropriate to
that combination of bits.

I mean, if you were displaying the contents of a CLOG entry, would you
want the value 3 to be displayed as COMMITTED ABORTED SUBCOMMITTED

I realize that you may be used to thinking of the HEAP_XMIN_COMMITTED
and HEAP_XMAX_COMMITTED bits as two separate bits, but that's not
really true any more.  They're a 2-bit field that can have one of four
values: committed, aborted, frozen, or none of the above.

All I'm saying is that having the complete information (knowing which bits are actually set in the bitmask) is valuable when reasoning about how you might have gotten to the current state. Which I think is what Craig is after.

What I think we should not do is interpret the bitmasks (omitting some of the information) assuming all the bits were set correctly.


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