He Peter,

> The SCRAM salt length is currently set as
> /* length of salt when generating new verifiers */
> #define SCRAM_DEFAULT_SALT_LEN     12
> without further comment.
> I suspect that this length was chosen based on the example in RFC 5802
> (SCRAM-SHA-1) section 5.  But the analogous example in RFC 7677
> (SCRAM-SHA-256) section 3 uses a length of 16.  Should we use that instead?

Maybe this length was chosen just because it becomes a 16-characters
string after base64encode. If I understand correctly RFC 5802 and RFC
7677 don't say much about the required or recommended length of the

I personally believe that 2^96 of possible salts is consistent with both
RFCs and should be enough in practice.

Best regards,
Aleksander Alekseev

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